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Applying one payment to multiple bills

Steve    ( User )

Commented 1 week ago

So I've tried to do this a countless number of times, but the field for selecting the bill is greyed out and does not allow me to select the bill that the payment should apply to. As such, if I'm making one payment to a vendor for multiple bills, I have to pay the bills off individually instead of applying one payment (which reflects the true event accurately) to the group of bills. This makes it difficult when doing reconciliation, as I would be looking for a bulk figure, while the payment was split into smaller figures in the GL.

Denis Duliçi    ( Admin )

Commented 1 week ago


This feature is in our roadmap and will be available in the next version of Akaunting, within a couple of weeks.

Best regards

Steve    ( User )

Commented 6 days ago

Well noted. Thanks

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