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Appropriate question criteria

Andrew Williams   ( User )

Commented 1 week ago

I've been poking about on and off for a while now with Akaunting, but now the company I work for is wanting to make the jump from QuickBooks.

They have given me a lot of questions about what they want/need, but I am not sure if it's ok to just post their wants/needs. And I know there's likely a bunch of differences between a self-hosted or cloud setup for Akaunting.

If I had much/any accounting knowledge I probably would just trawl the Akaunting documentation, but I do not, so a lot of the terms used are meaningless to me.

So, what would be the best way to proceed...
1. Post their wants/needs (where) in the forums? Or...
2. Suck it in and try to understand the documentation

Melda Karaoğlu   ( Admin )

Commented 1 week ago

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your feedback. I sent an e-mail to you just now.


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