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Attaching invoice to Email from Reoccurring Invoice Template

Kurtis Andrews   ( User )

Commented 2 months ago

Good Morning everyone,

So I've been using the Reoccurring Invoice Templates for some time and loving it. Less invoicing for me the better haha, but one of my clients pointed out that they do not receive an attachment of the said invoice in that email when its sent out. I did let them know that they can always click the link in the emails and download the attachment that way but I just assumed they sent with the invoice like the default is for sending emails with individual invoices.

I had a little bit of a look just in case something was funny in my configuration and nothing stuck out. So i was wondering is there a way at all to attach invoices on these emails that are sent? I did a bit of a look around and can see you can modify the template but I don't see an option to set an attachment.

Not sure if this would be something for github or here haha. Thought id start at one and move to the other.

Tim Menapace   ( User )

Commented 2 months ago

I have the same question. Would be great to find a solution to attach the invoice. Just like you can do when sending a regular invoice from the system

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