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Auth/API key for REST calls

Greg Stewart   ( User )

Commented 11 months ago

Hey all, Looking to make an integration for a webstore I am trying to create from scratch. First off, rather baffled that there isn't any real official REST API documentation. Seems like quite an oversight? Willing to be proven wrong.

Anyways, I found Mr Muller's postman collection ( ), and found it quite helpful but it seems to lack the note of where to put an API key?

I'm using as my url, and the number after that in the Browser as my company id. Any request I make seems to come back with the Akaunting login page. I got what I think is my API key from the Apps" section from my browser, but unsure where to put it (header? param? what should the key value be in either case?)

Any helpful point greatly appreciated!

Denis Dulici   ( Admin )

Commented 11 months ago


Here you can find the Postman collections and more information on how the authentication works:

Best regards

Greg Stewart   ( User )

Commented 11 months ago

Thanks for giving me the point!

Looks like the only auth method it allows is username/password... is this correct?

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