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B2B and VAT between European Union countries

Madalin Ignisca   ( User )

Commented 11 months ago


I'm invoicing 90% of the time companies within EEA & UK.
For this, on the invoice, besides my company number I need to have my VAT number.
The same applies for the Client.
Currently, I see that for My Company and for the Clients I can fill in only the company number, but not the VAT number.

The mandatory note on reverse charging it's ok as I use the note field in the invoice, but the VAT number which is mandatory in B2B in EU/EEA would it be possible to be added on a near future release?

Denis Dulici   ( Admin )

Commented 11 months ago


We don't plan to add more fields, but you can use the following apps together for that purpose:

Best regards

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