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Beginners question. Please help

Luise Barsch   ( User )

Commented 2 weeks ago

Hey, I am trying to understand the whole thing. Sorry, it might souound stupid, but I am new to this.
Can I connect my bank account and it will automatically show what is happening there, or do I have to fill in incoming and outgoing money manually?
Thanks a lot!

Luise Barsch   ( User )

Commented 2 weeks ago

Also, I need to write invoices in 2 languages. How can I change from German to English or the other way round?

Melda Karaoğlu   ( Admin )

Commented 2 weeks ago

Hello Luise,

Thank you for your feedback and interest.

To be able to connect your bank account you need to have Premium Cloud Plan which you can review from below link.

On the other hand, you can change the language from Settings-Default Menu of Akaunting.

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