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Bills for vendors

Oleh Ladan   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

Hi, I'm not understaing why when I create a bill for a vendor, other vendors see that bill as well?

I, as admin, create a bill for vendor #1, but vendor #2 sees that bill as well. This doesn't make sence, I looked in permissions I have Read Expenses Bills checked, but I would assume that the vendor should only see a bill that is assigned to them.

Not only that, but a vendor also has the ability to edit another vendor and a bill, even though I check read, not update or create.

What am I missing here? 

Denis Dulici   ( Admin )

Commented 5 years ago

Vendors can't login so they can't see even their own bills.

Oleh Ladan   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

what does it matter what you call them, vendors or companies, it's just a word. the problem is the same.

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