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  • Jean
    Jean Vitor   ( User ) 1 year ago

    *BUGS - Hello Denis, I have encountered some problems in the system and I will report them below, considering that there is no way to use the system completely in this way.

    1 - Items

    When creating an item, here in Brazil, we use the coin pattern with vircula when we have 3 decimal places R $ 590,00 But the system gives error if I try to create an item with this price point, it only accepts point or nothing. This is a bad thing here for Brazil, there is no way the user can guess that he can not use the country standard.

    2 - OfflinePayments

    Unable to edit a payment already created, it does not save the change. If I miss typing and want to edit the item is not possible, it reloads the page and does not save. Please do it.

    3 - Client

    If I create a client for it to log in with email and password, the system displays errors as well. At the time of logging in with the created client the following errors are displayed.

    Thanks, it's a great script.

  • Denis
    Denis Duliçi   ( Admin ) 1 year ago

    Hello Jean,

    1) Point (.) is required by MySQL for float as that is a standard. However, will fix it to now show error message.

    2-3) Opened issues on GitHub for these issues.


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