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Cannot export the data into excel, Error on Export on Report

Kamal   ( User )

Commented 1 year ago

On Report when I hit Export, I got following error. I will appreciate if any developer suggest me the technical thing to fix this issue.
`Failed to load d:\xampp\htdocs\accounting_sw\accounting_2.1.35\storage\app\temp\laravel-excel-npYFAfx12GqlUba5Nq7tLevIqGjxx4WW.html as a DOM Document`

I search the error, this is related to & sign or attributes the in the table.
More info is here.
But I could not find the where that files is located. If you tell me where that file is located, So I can look and removed & if there is. My akaunting is 2.1.35. I am using this due to some reason.
Url path is `1/common/reports/21` The print is working, The export is not working.
Thanks in advance.

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