Cant see any of the Roles i have created

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  • Dapurnj    ( User ) 8 months ago



    I have created other Roles such as Users, Stakeholders with limited rights and some are view only.


    When I create a new user, I cant select the new Roles I have created for the new user. The screen only has the default "Manager" role for me to select.


    Please advice.

  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 8 months ago

    Hello Dapurnj,

    Make sure you've selected the Read Admin Panel permission for the new Role.


  • Noorudheen    ( User ) 8 months ago


    Iam also having same issue, infact all the permissions are selected for testing purpose, still the role is unavailable while creating new users.

    Iam using self hosted version

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