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  • Volkan Midilli    ( User ) 2 years ago

    Hi I couldn't make sense cron path.

    Akaunting give me this script "php /path-to-akaunting/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1"

    I changed this script "php http://panel.****.com/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1" but when i try this url, there is no response. How to change this script ?

  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 2 years ago

    That's not the web path but file path like:


  • Mohammad Patel    ( User ) 1 year ago

    php -q /home/marzico/ schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

    Hi, i put as above in cpanel, and i've even ran it manually, but its not running the schedule.I set it as daily for testing purpose. I am getting no errors in the cron log except that it shows that its running. I had removed the -q also, no luck.

  • Mohammad Patel    ( User ) 1 year ago

    -bash-4.2# php artisan schedule:run

    No scheduled commands are ready to run.

  • Bryan Nazar    ( User ) 1 year ago


    I am also having the same exact problem as Mohammad, in a previous thread a Akaunting member told me that there is a issue with recurrent invoice/bills, and they will fix this in the next version. 
    So we just have to wait.

  • Lausch    ( User ) 1 year ago

    You need to run the schedule command every minute, because this is how Laravel works with it.

    So, lets say you plan the scheduling to 6:00.

    Then it might just work exactly at this hour and minute.

    You can also manually fire each scheduling command manually anytime you want.

    For the invoice reminder just do it like this:

    php artisan reminder:invoice




  • Steven Brauer    ( User ) 11 months ago

    Nothing is generated automatically via the cron command. Manuel with "php artisan reminder: invoice" is fine.

  • Sandya    ( User ) 11 months ago
    still no result, always getting No scheduled commands are ready to run

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