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Customer Statement

Chrispen Simango    ( User )

Commented 3 years ago

I am enjoying using the application. Where do I generate customer statement?

Denis Duliçi    ( Admin )

Commented 3 years ago

Chrispen, can you please elaborate more on that statement? Maybe a screenshot.

Barry    ( User )

Commented 3 years ago

Hi Denis,

We need customer statement of account which able to select from date range like some sample below. This is important in accounting. Thanks.

Benoit Babin    ( User )

Commented 2 years ago

I agree with Barry and Chrispen. We also need customer statement. If, per say, they haven't paid their invoice for a couple of months, we need to send them a statementand tell them they owe that amount since that time....

Aubrey Jacobs    ( User )

Commented 9 months ago

I too need this feature and would pay for an app to do it. Some customers have 30 day accounts where they need to be sent a statement to pay.

Philippe Yeung    ( User )

Commented 8 months ago

Need that as well. So important
looking forward

Christo Van der Berg    ( User )

Commented 6 months ago

This is definitely a basic requirement. Any news on when this feature might be available?

Sate    ( User )

Commented 3 months ago

yes. is the statement available. its so important

Aubrey Jacobs    ( User )

Commented 3 months ago

Folks this is now available:

It looks like it has to be done manually one customer at a time though, will buy and test next week.

Halim Turkoglu    ( Admin )

Commented 3 months ago

Hello all,

The Customer Statement app is out now and there is a 20% discount valid for a limited time.

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