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Download / Print Invoice Format

María Casares González    ( User )

Commented 1 week ago

I would like to know if it is possible to change the format so that the invoice fits only in one page?

I am downloading invoices with only one item, and they are split into two different pages!

thank you for you help!

Melda Karaoğlu    ( Admin )

Commented 1 week ago

Hi Maria,

You can change Invoice templates from the Settings-Invoices

Juan Torres    ( User )

Commented 2 days ago

Hi, I need the same solution too. Changing the template does not help because you find only 3 of the same size options. Diferent desing yes but almost same distribution. In my case with only 3 items you get 2 print pages wich is unnecesary and a huge waste of paper.

What solution can be provided?
Can print file be changed, updated?

This is also a bug from akaunting since it needs to be fixed to a racional size or redistribute and cretae a new template that can fit a minimun of items. Header and sales info is +50% and items are way to separated which is another reason why they use to much space.

Thank you for any help

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