FYI fix for mixed content problem

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  • Marco Dings    ( User ) 5 months ago

    I have setup akauntin in docker countainer using nginx proxy that adds letsencrypt and servers the site using https.

    Wich recents browers becomming more and more "defensive" they object against .css, js resources being loaded through http ( and not https )

    regardless of the setting of APP_URL in the .env
    the application renders recources with http://

    the culprit seems to be the usage of 

    seems to be the better choice

    After searching for quite some time i found a solution in modifying

    modify the boot() by adding

    for me that results in 

        public function boot()


            // Laravel db fix




    Its a "harcoded" one-line hack that is obviously ONLY going to work when https is enabled. It however makes akaunting usable again untli a proper solution is implemented


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