Get invoice with Email

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  • Ivonne Starkmann    ( User ) 1 month ago

    For now only my costumer get the invoice bill. Is it possible to get the invoice email also in CC to my Emailadress? Because then I can be sure the costumer get the email.

    Thanks a lot
  • Yusuf Ozan    ( User ) 1 month ago
    Hey Ivonne,
    When a document is sent to your customers and they click on the invoice link, they are directed to the details of that particular invoice, and the status of the document automatically changes to "Viewed". So, the sender can be sure that the customer knows about the invoice.
  • Ivonne Starkmann    ( User ) 1 month ago
    Hey Yusuf,
    thanks for your comment. I delete the link first because of the pdf. But now I put it again in the automatical Email. And I will have a look at this status at the next bill :-). Have a nice evening. Greetings Ivonne

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