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  • ander07
    Ander07 07   ( User ) 11 months ago

    Hello All

    I wana remove required validation from Client form for


    sale price,

    Purchse price. Please help.

  • Denis
    Denis Duliçi   ( Admin ) 11 months ago

    I'm sorry Ander07 but that is not possible.

  • jayadev
    Jayadev Kv   ( User ) 11 months ago

    Need to remove item sku required validation. How can i do that ? This is a much needed modification


  • jayadev
    Jayadev Kv   ( User ) 11 months ago

    You just need to add an empty array as next parameter. Just like

        {{ Form::textGroup('name', trans(''), 'id-card-o', []) }}

    I think the same applies to his query also

  • Ajmal
    Ajmal KK   ( User ) 11 months ago

    To remove required validation from Client form, you need to remove it from the attribute part of app/Providers/FormServiceProvider.php,

    For text group

    Form::component('textGroup', 'partials.form.text_group', [

                'name', 'text', 'icon', 'attributes' => [], 'value' => null, 'col' => 'col-md-6',



    or you can customize the attributes asper your need.

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