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  • Cyiza Rwanda    ( User ) 3 months ago


    One of our bank accounts has negative balance due to a loan we took. How can we enter it as an opening balance? The Opening banlance flied does not accept negative values




  • Cyiza Rwanda    ( User ) 3 months ago

    if anyone meets the same problem, or the Team wants to change, I just managed to enable it.

    1. Open srv/resources/views/banking/accounts/create.blade.php 

    2. Add allowNegative: true to $("#opening_balance").maskMoney() options

    3. Open srv/resources/views/banking/accounts/edit.blade.php

    4. Add allowNegative: true to $("#opening_balance").maskMoney() options

    It may not be idealistic to add negative values to invoices but it would be very important to add negative values to opening balances.

    Thank you...

  • Simon Norton    ( User ) 2 months ago

    Hello Cyiza

    thank you for this work around its somthing i needed

    i hope this gets added to the core in the next release. not all buisness run in the red all the time.

    Thank you again

  • Rafael Moser    ( User ) 3 weeks ago

    Hello. Has this feature been implemented? I still can't insert negative balances in accounts... :/

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