Income displayed incorrectly.

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  • Power Quest    ( User ) 1 week ago
    For some reason the system interprets an invoice in 9.500,00 SEK as an income of €91.595,18!


    Income vs. expense:


    I love to have that amount paid to my company, but it is still only 9.500,00 SEK and not 91.595,18 EURO's...

    General ledger also logs the 9.500,00 SEK amount in EURO's even though the actual invoice is listed/specified in SEK:
  • Firat Madon    ( User ) 6 days ago
    I have a similar problem. I just paid a bill in Indian Rupees - 52500 INR. When marking this bill as paid, it actually deducts 52500 EUR from my account which is set up as EUR.

    Is there any way you can have a bill/invoice in a different currency without this issue?

  • Sinan Topal    ( User ) 6 days ago
    You should update to the latest version of Akaunting.
  • Firat Madon    ( User ) 6 days ago
    I am using the latest version (web). I found a work around for now. After marking the bill as paid, I have to go to payments and edit the payment to the correct amount.
  • Power Quest    ( User ) 6 days ago
    Yep, same here. We are using the latest version too...
  • Sinan Topal    ( User ) 6 days ago
    Your screenshots are from 1.3 which is not the latest version...

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