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Invoice email to customer

Ben Schofield   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

Firstly, the subject is just 'Invoice' which is a great way to get the email caught in a spam filter. Is this / can this be configurable? Possibly even 'Invoice from <Company>'?


Secondly, the line of text in the email doesn't make sense:
"You are receiving this email because you have an upcoming $57.50 invoice to <customer name> customer."

Why would a customer receive an email that says they owe money to themselves?


Thirdly, the PDF is out of shape. All the tables are messed up and out of line or overlapping each other. The invoice is also 2 pages long while the text and boxes only span for half of the first page. Interestingly, the format when printing the PDF is perfectly OK.


And finally, when you click the "Pay Now" button in the email, it takes you to the login page for Akaunting. This customer doesn't have an account on the system that they're able to login to, and there doesn't appear to be a way to:

  1. Change the email format to make it clearer

  2. Add payment instructions to the invoice


Edit: Found another fault with the invoice system. If you add a partial payment to an invoice and email the invoice to the customer again, the partial payments are not reflected in the new email or PDF. The invoice status also changes from 'partial' back to 'sent' which is probably sub-optimal, especially as it doesn't appear to be possible to manually set an invoice status.

Edit2: I was able to edit an invoice after a payment was made and it didn't warn me about it. Not a massive deal, except that the edit doesn't show up at all in the "Histories" section at the bottom. I believe Histories should contain all invoice actions, including:

  • Creation date and time (partially done)

  • Partial payments (done)

  • Edits, and ideally what was edited

  • Time and date it was sent to customer using the 'send email' button

  • Custom history note (e.g. "Customer called and asked for payment to be delayed until Tuesday. Accepted.")


Edit3: 'Mark Paid' option in the menu doesn't seem to do anything at all if partial payments exist. I've only managed to get it to work with an invoice that had no previous payments on it.

Denis Duliçi   ( Admin )

Commented 5 years ago

It seems there are lots of issues mixed here. The invoice email is going to be replaced by the Email Templates feature in the next version.

As for the other confirmed issues, would appreciate if you could add them separately on GitHub including the path to reproduce and a screenshot:


Paul   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

I have the same observations as Ben.  

The text in the invoice doesnt make sense and needs to reflect the balance owing.

It also needs the ability to pay a balance/amount without needing to login.  I fear the link will need to simply take to a page confirming the amount owing and asking for payment details.  (Otherwise customers could change the link to discover client info). 

Looking forward to the next update. 


Ps... Its a real shame that the stripe module requires an annual payment. Seems a little OTT. 

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