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Invoice questions - payment options

Shamus McNeely   ( User )

Commented 3 months ago

I'm testing the Akaunting app and I ran into a question. The test scenario is that I created an invoice and sent it to my test client.

Question: When received by the client, the invoice is displayed, but they have no option of how to pay it. The only options on the invoice are: Download, Print, Login to view all invoices. I do not have the Stripe or Paypal apps enabled because I'm only testing right now, but I was expecting to see options such as Check, Bank Transfer, or other? If I had Stripe enabled, would they be presented with related payment options?

Question 2: I see no way for me to choose what payment options to present them with. Does such a feature exists somewhere?

Bacchus Marsh Public Hall   ( User )

Commented 3 months ago

I just add my payment options in the NOTES section. I have this pre set up in my invoice template so I don't have to enter it each time.
the view invoice is just a link so they can see the actual invoice.

you could also set up the payment options with links in the email template that gets sent out when you create the invoice

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