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Invoices - can't scroll/select more than first 10 items

Jim OPhoto   ( User )

Commented 6 months ago

When creating invoices, the drop-down menu for items is limited to show just the first 10 items listed in "items". and then to find any others, you need to type their name into the field for it to populate in the list to select.

Is there any way to modify that drop-down so it shows ALL items (scrollable list of course)? (and then typing in the item field can further filter down that list.) I have about 15 items, and it'd be soooo much easier to just scroll down thru the drop-down and select what I want, rather than have to type in the names for the times that aren't shown. I'll also sometimes forget to add an item to my invoice because I don't see it (one of those "outta sight, outta mind" kinda thing)...luckily catching it when I preview it before sending.

I'm fine with modifying whichever file that controls the limit of how many items are shown if someone can point me to the right place for that. Would be better if it'd be included in an future update ;-)

Orrrr....oen better.....a setting somewhere within akautning that allows us users to enter in how many of the first X items we want displayed in the drop-down.

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