Item default tax rate applied, even if changed on Bill

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  • James Cumming    ( User ) 1 week ago
    The default tax as set on an Item is always applied on a bill even if the tax rate is changed on the bill.

    Steps to recreate:
    - Create an expense Item with one type of tax (eg 15% VAT)
    - Create a new bill and select the Item created above
    - You will see that "15% VAT" is selected by default as the tax (which is correct).
    - The change the tax to something else like "VAT exclusive"
    - Now save the Bill.
    - You will notice that the saved bill applies the default rate of "15% VAT" and not the selected "VAT exclusive" rate as selected.
  • Melda Karaoğlu    ( Admin ) 1 week ago
    Hi James,

    Thank you for your feedback. We will be doing the necessary examinations and tests about your feedback.

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