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  • Paumil Shah    ( User ) 1 year ago

    Can any one Guide,


    I was testing Akaunting.

    I created 2 items A1, B1  category - General, Enabled

    C1 as customer

    Now I expected that while making Incomes --> Invoices these Items will get selected just like Customer gets selected. but unfortunately that is not the case.


    Please guide.

  • Paumil Shah    ( User ) 1 year ago

    Version 1.3

  • Paumil Shah    ( User ) 1 year ago

    The list gets populated after 3 charcaters typed so if A1 is renamed as AAA1 than after typing 3 times A the item will popup. Ok seems fine for the moment.

  • Erica Miller    ( User ) 1 year ago

    This happens to me as well. EVEN WHEN I Type the first word or the whole item name exactly. You have to wait and wait and wait.. 


    I thought this was a issue with being self hosted. but i installed the app running on  akaunting server its evens lower.  So slow it would take me all day to do one itemized Invoice. 


    Its a shame i really like the Ledgers and accounts feature over invoice ninja but invoice ninja JUST WORKS And runs super fast....   


    Is there a fix or any plan on having a drop down list to choose items .. 

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