"More Actions" drop-down menu on the payments page

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  • Johan Van Biljon    ( User ) 5 days ago
    Please attend to the "More Actions" drop-down menu on the payments page as when pdf or printing is chosen the wrong headings appear, This is a great feature and I would like to use it, it also does not have an email function. The revenue received is correct and has all functions required,
    Awaiting an update
  • Melda Karaoğlu    ( Admin ) 1 day ago
    Hi Johan,

    Thank you for your feedback. Could you please let us know which headings are you referring? Also I will be informing developer team about your e-mail feature request.

  • Johan Van Biljon    ( User ) 1 day ago
    Hi Melda
    If you click on a payment transaction it brings up a "payment made " page with all the details on , If you click the "more actions" button and make a pdf , the heading on the pdf is "revenue received" and not Payment made . Also having an email choice like on revenue received would be great
  • Melda Karaoğlu    ( Admin ) 3 hours ago
    Hi Johan,

    Thanks again for the explanation. We will be doing the necessary examinations regarding that case.

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