mysql restore problem

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  • Marco Dings    ( User ) 4 months ago

    Using mysql5.7 a database backup made using mysqldump fails because of errors on duplicate (foreign) key definitions

    When restoring i had to resort to a workaround based on a clean set of database tables generated by akaunting itself.

    Now instead of droping the tables and recreating them i truncate the respective tables and then insert the data.


    LOCK TABLES `lxt_accounts` WRITE;

    TRUNCATE TABLE `lxt_accounts`;

    /*!40000 ALTER TABLE `lxt_accounts` DISABLE KEYS */;

    INSERT INTO `lxt_accounts` VALUES ......

    ( repeat this for all tables )


    in a typical mysql dump the TRUNCATE line is added, and the parts with te table droping and recreation are removed.

    Can anyone advise on a more sensible way of restoring a database ?

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