one revenue is missing in reports

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  • Georges    ( User ) 3 days ago

    In the beginnig of 2021 I added a revenue for the date of the 31/12/2020.
    This revenue is now missing in every report, but the dashboard considers it.
    So the dashboard displays a loss of 343,99€ and the profit and loss a loss of 405,05€ (the laster is correct).
    I already tried the "clear cache" button.
    I also tried to do other modifications for the last year, they are also ignored.
    Is there any manipulation to update thos reports or is this a bug?
    It's a self hosted instance version 2.0.26

    Many thanks in advance.
  • Georges    ( User ) 2 days ago
    I investigated a little bit futher.
    All transactions dated on the 31th december are ignored in all reports. The beginnign of the financial year is set to the 1st january.

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