redirected too many times

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  • Mohammad Patel    ( User ) 1 year ago

    when logging into the system, i enter username and password, then after a while, the URL goes to, then this error comes up:


    This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.




    I've cleared the cookies, but the problem is persistent.
  • Mohammad Patel    ( User ) 1 year ago

    i found the problem


    admin and customer had the same email adress to login.


    Suggestion not to allow same address for client and admin,

  • Wenderson    ( User ) 1 year ago

    estou com o mesmo problema na versão 1.3.3. 

    someone to help?
  • Patrick Willy    ( User ) 1 year ago

    Enable "Read Admin Panel" under the particular users role.

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