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Roles and Permissions when self-hosting?

Denis Duliçi   ( Admin )

Commented 3 months ago

Unfortunately, there is no discount and none of the alternative solutions offer you lifetime + self-hosted + open-source code.

Pierre Deruel   ( User )

Commented 3 months ago

@Denis I tried with 2 different cards and I already made international payements with both of them but it still doesn't work.

Mark Andersen   ( User )

Commented 3 months ago

Right the alternatives are not open-source code based.

I believe the calculation is fair with a x7 factor of the price!

But why are the price bundle fore all module then not an option, like it is in the "ULTIMATE CLOUD" edition, there I'll get all app for $1728 per year, that's a $12.096 purchases pricetag which is fine.

But if I what to purchases all modules I need, I will end up without all modules I could end up needing, but I will get the price of 20k to a start and +10k along the way as the need of more modules.

I don't get this as your guys don't have any hosting, operations or support expenses on on-premises, but it seems like we/they are paying for all the cloud users.
And had I not been to the need for API-integrate with some systems behind NAT and firewalls not public to the internet, would defiantly go the Cloud way and let your handle the hosting and operations plus support - and leave the on-premises users paying for my All-In-One solution of Akaunting :-(

Hope this isn't taken as complaining champagne, but as a request for consideration for bundles again :-)

Denis Duliçi   ( Admin )

Commented 3 months ago

Can you please send some screenshots using the contact form?

Hosting is not a cost anymore. You can go for Ultimate Cloud if it fits your needs. Prices are final.

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