Save email settings error

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  • Josh Driver    ( User ) 1 week ago

    I'm trying to set up SMTP as it comes up with a 500 error when I go to send an email with the deafult PHP mailer setting but it won't save the email settings.

    Nothing shows in the Laravel debug when APP_DEBUG=true is set but there are a couple of errors showing in the Chrome console:

    search.js?v=2.1.10:1 POST 403
    search.js?v=2.1.10:1 Error: Request failed with status code 403

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'template_invoice_new_customer_subject' of undefined at e.value (settings.js?v=2.1.10:1)


  • Josh Driver    ( User ) 1 week ago
    Turns out it was the Wordfence firewall on the root domain that was blocking the post request when saving the settings. I turned that off and it's working now.

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