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Savings Goals

Harris-Street Llc    ( User )

Commented 1 month ago

I'm brand new to Akaunting (the software) and accounting (the practice).

One thing that is critical for me is something I like to call "Savings Goals". Lets say I have $500 in my Business Savings Account. Of this $500, $200 is designated towards "Marketing", $100 towards "Contingency" and $200 towards "Inventory"? All the money is still in the Business Savings Account, I've just personally dedicated it for a particular purpose. Does Akaunting offer a way (even if a workaround) to do this?

I think I've seen this referred to as "Fund Accounting" and "Sub Accounts" in other places and as I've gathered, it's not super common without using separate Excel spreadsheets which I really don't want to do.

Kevin    ( User )

Commented 1 month ago

If you are having difficulties with withdrawing or replenishing your account in the game, read the following article from regarding replenishment. They wrote out the main theses in detail and gave answers to popular and frequently asked questions.

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