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Split Payment over multiple invoices

Wyatt Molyneaux    ( User )

Commented 1 week ago

One the clients i freelance for generates monthly Invoices. But inconsistently pays those invoices. They might pay 3 invoices off in one payment for example.

How would i enter that in Akaunting. It would not let me ad a payment to an invoice that exceeded the invoices cost. There doesn't seem to be a way to assign multiple invoices to a payment and i can't find a way to attach Revenues to invoices.

Denis Duliçi    ( Admin )

Commented 1 week ago


This feature is in our roadmap and will be available in the next version of Akaunting, within a couple of weeks.

Best regards

Wyatt Molyneaux    ( User )

Commented 1 week ago

Awesome, can't wait.

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