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Total Expenses are Wrong?

Dean   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

I have added 1 expense at £95.11 and on the homepage and expenses report it shows £152.18

Any idea what this could be?

Dean   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

Also to add, i have entered all my income which totals 1,702.2 and total income shows as 2,724.29

Batuhan Baş   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

Hi Dean,

First of all please check your currency type and check currency rate. Bring us if you have still same problem.

Have a nice day!

Dean   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

Hi Batuhan,

Yes i worked this out just now, I choose GBP as default currency, i didnt realise i had to change the currency rates aswell.


After it was updated i had to delete everything and start again as invoices did not update.


However i am now on track!



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