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Gia Ikaltoeli   ( User )

Commented 7 months ago

1) How should one update from Version 2.1.28 to Version 3.0.17, condsidering that V2.1.28 is running on PHP7 and V3 requires PH8? While running V2 on PH7 and trying to update, it asks for PHP8. if I switch to php8 then I cannot run V2 at all. In addition, it seems that database structure of V2 and V3 are different (to witch to php8, install V3 and to try to sqldum V2 database).
2) Is it possible while installation to disable PHP version check while installing V3. I can install V3 alongside with V2 using fpm.sock|fcgi implementation, but as V3 checks systemwide PHP version installation fails.

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