Users cannot login

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  • Eyad Mahmoud    ( User ) 4 days ago
    Dear All, Need help, i created users to login to the system and it keeps giving me user or password is invalid.
  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 3 days ago
    Hello Eyad,

    Are you using the cloud service of Akaunting or self-hosted?

  • Eyad Mahmoud    ( User ) 3 days ago
    I'm using the service of akaunting
  • Eyad Mahmoud    ( User ) 2 days ago
    Appreciate if you can help as the modules we purchased no one is benefiting from it since we purchased them
  • Deepesh M Divakaran    ( User ) 1 day ago
    We also have the same issue. Still awaiting response.
  • Deepesh M Divakaran    ( User ) 1 day ago
    Just found out that we need get the Users login to the following URL, after they are created with the credentials.
  • Deepesh M Divakaran    ( User ) 1 day ago
    To update - this is Cloud version of Akaunting. Same may apply to the on-premise installation of the package.
  • Eyad Mahmoud    ( User ) 1 day ago
    Thanks a lot Deepesh for your help

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