Using version 2 with a service business

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  • Rob Dra    ( User ) 2 months ago

    Well done on all the work for version 2.0. There are some really nice things on there - and it's great to see that nearly all the 500 error bugs have been fixed too!

    Now that it's stable enough to use, I've started working with the new version. I’m struggling to understand how to use the new version with a service-based business.

    Previously, I could just create an invoice containing sales items with custom names specific for the invoice. However, now that I have to create items, it means I am going to have a new item for every single one of my invoices.

    The only alternative would be to use a generic item name, then have a description field underneath the title within the invoice. But I can’t find a way to do that. Any suggestions?

    Similarly, each item has a sale and purchase price, which just isn't relevant for a service business as these can change depending on the project. Any idea how to work around this?


  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 2 months ago
    Hello Rob,

    Creating an item is just a piece of cake in Akaunting 2.0 version. If you want to create a general item, you can do that from the Items page:

  • Rob Dra    ( User ) 2 months ago
    Great thank you. How can I set up a description for the item on each line of an invoice?

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