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Version 3.0 General Feedback

Frank Lenaerts   ( User )

Commented 2 months ago


Some feedback on V3.0

- Possible to center align the labels "outgoing" and "profit" at the right side of the diagram just like the "incomging" label.

- Where's the Income by Category widget?

- Uploading attachments, I mostly upload PDF, now I need to select All files *.* because it's defaulted to select image types ... possible to include PDF in the default selection?

- Do we need the bearded guy in the dashboard? The dashboard would more professional without him

For the rest it's looking good.


Best regards,

Melda Karaoğlu   ( Admin )

Commented 2 months ago

Hello Frank,

Thank you for your feedback.

You can access Income&Expenses from Banking->Transactions and you can attach files in PDF format.

Kind Regards,

Jamie Mclachlan   ( User )

Commented 2 months ago


I also have some feedback

1. Invoice Setting - Changing colour is not sticking after upgrade, need to change template and back again to make it stick
2. Invoice Template - Table headers are missing or not visible after upgrade. You need to change template and back again to make them visible
3. Invoice discount is being applied across each line item. Makes invoice very confusing. Also the calculated amounts don't always add up to the discount you intended.

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