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Account plan

Mikal Thunold-Olsen   ( User )

Commented 6 years ago

Hi, Nice work!

How about an account plan instead of categories? 

This would be like different accounts for income and expenses, also items and balance. 

Expenses like "Computer costs", "Electronic communication" "transport/shipping" and so on. Incomes like "Sales, no taxes", "Sales, 25% taxes" and so on. Every account need to have a unique number that identifies it (Number | Accountname). This would be different for every national account plan. In my country we use to 2 and 4 digits and they are the same in our accounting software and on the tax returns. We use in digit 1; 8 different main codeclasses with different groups:

  1. Assets

  2. Equity and debt

  3. Sales and income

  4. Expenses

  5. Financial income and expenses, extraordinary income and expenses, taxes

  6. Free for internal accounting

Digit 2 is groups. Groups for codelass 3 would be: 30 Sales taxable, 31 Sales taxfree, 32 Sales out of tax regulations and so on.... This was an example. The last two digits after codeclass and group is undercategories that tells exactly what the post is about. I have an example in the end that should give you an idea.


  • 1 Assets (Codeclass)

  • 12 Vehicles, inventory, machines.... (Group)

  • 1200 Machines and facilities

  • 1210 Machines and facilities under construction

  • 1230 Cars

  • 1240 Other vehicles .....


Instead of categories we should be able to establish or import a national account plan. The types that is listed should stay so we can assign which account that is income, expence or balance. Balance for banking, cash and fixed assets to be depreciated. 

  • The reports should show results according to the account plan, not the categories. (Only accounts in use, not all)

  • Graphs could be showing according to account-types instead of categories.

  • Incoming bills should be posted against the account plan, not the items

  • Outgoing invoices should continue to be posted against the items list as it does now. 

  • Items should be posted against the sales posts on the account plan so everytime an item is sold the postaccount in the account plan show the income.

 This is an example of a norwegian account plan so you can get an idea of what Im talking about: 

I have not given a full description of my idea here. This will influence Categories, Incoming Bills, Reports, Account-types (Income, Expense, Balance.....) and possiblie more. I believe this is a typical debet-credit accounting principal :)  

Right now I am not using Akaunting yet in production because of this, but I have contributed to translation and are following the development so I can finally switch over to it if account-plan and debet-credit is working as in my current accounting software.

This is now a great program, You need credits for all your work. If you are able to implement this idea you would soon compete with commecial bigger software. 



Denis Dulici   ( Admin )

Commented 6 years ago

Hello Mikal,

Thanks for your compliments.

The core of Akaunting is a sing-entry accounting software, like FreshBooks. However, we're going to make an app for double-entry accounting software which includes the features you've listed.

Edit: The double-entry app is now available:


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