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Bug - Items / Bills

Andy McBride   ( User )

Commented 4 years ago

There really should be a purchase order function. I get that you can use the Expense Bills feature but that is not the same. I also get you are just getting going and so far this is an awesome app.

First bug (there are two): Quantity added incorrectly: Trying to use the Expense: Bill feature to enter an order to be placed to track that the items have been ordered.

- I enter the expense header information as you normally would and all goes well. It is in the item entry where I run into the bug.

- I start to enter the item name and am displayed a listing of items (good).

- I select the item I wish to order and enter the quantity of 50.

- I save the Expense as a Draft (no payment)

- I check the item quantity and it has been increased by 50. As this is a draft and I have not received the items (or invoice) yet the quantity should remain at its current level. The addition of 50 should not occur until the items/invoice is received.

- I manually reduce the quantity back to the level it should be. Then return to my Bill to add new items to order. These all go well and the quantity I add to the bill is not added to the item count. This is the expected outcome.

It appears that when you first start a Bill the quantites that you are adding to the bill are added to the inventory. This is not the expected outcome. Items should not be added to the inventory count until the items are marked received.

Second Bug - If you have an item in your inventory that has a quantity of zero you can not add it to a bill.

- I have sold out of product A and need to reorder it.

- I use the Bill feature to create an PO to track my order. Adding header info works as expected.

- When I partially enter the product info in the items section of the Bill the item does not appear on the drop down to select. I try the several times.

- I go to the items as manually add a quantity of 1.

- I return the the Bill and partially enter the item. This time it appears on the drop down and I can select it as expected.

- I add the quantity to be ordered and the rest of the process works as expected.

- I need to now return to the Item and manully remove the quantity I needed to enter to cause the item to show up in the drop down.

It appears that if an item is newly entered and no inventory is present OR if an item sells out you can not enter a bill for it.




Chakib Amor Abda   ( User )

Commented 4 years ago

Think you it's very important, i'm trying to use akaunting, but this bug have to be solved quickly.

Conrad Redelinghuys   ( User )

Commented 3 years ago

Good day. Has this issue been resolved?  I can not create a bill. 

Walter Okumu   ( User )

Commented 3 years ago

Just a question with regards to items, see, if I'm purchasing stock, my suppliers may or may not sell me items in my default currency. Can we have a currency drop down added, as well as exchange rate

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