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Categories for bills/invoices

Ben Schofield   ( User )

Commented 4 years ago

It's not particularly clear to me why payments and revenues have categories but bills and invoices do not. I went to mark specific bills as a particular category as they require a different approach to tax reclamation but found that I could not. I then recreated them under payments  but doing so I lost the ability to separate the tax from the total, so they weren't a good fit in either location. 

In short, being able to categorise any transaction would be useful.


Ben Schofield   ( User )

Commented 4 years ago

In addition to this, there's no way to specify which account a bill was paid from. It would be good if this was possible also.



Andy McBride   ( User )

Commented 4 years ago

To add to what Ben said it would be very useful to then allow the catgorized expense to be displayed on the Expense by Categoty graphic on the dashhboard. Once you add an expense category it does display as an item on the graphic. But without the ability to assign that category to an expense the metrics for the expense as not graphically displayed.

The problem that I see is that the Expense feature is not tied to the bill feature. There should be a way to tie the Bills to Expenses. i.e. If you want to pay a bill you can do it from the expense feature and assign a category to that bill. And vice-verse, if you pay a bill in the bill feature you are adding an expense and that expense should be catagorized. 

Right now when you pay a bill it does not show up as an expense which is incorrect. Bills are expenses that should be catagorized (stock, shipping supplies, office furniture, etc.). Then the dashboard would properly reflect the account activities.

Same is true for Income


Ahmet Kurucan   ( User )

Commented 4 years ago

It's going to be available in the next version:

Ben Schofield   ( User )

Commented 4 years ago

Ahmet, that link doesn't mention categories anywhere. How do you know that it will be available? 

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