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Change to undesired action/error in the application-design

Mark Andersen   ( User )

Commented 1 year ago

I would like to see if there is others and then if Akaunting developers would bee willing to change this... as this is things that are really missing / an undesired action in the design today:

1) If your are create any thing, lets take this example: go to your customers and find the customer that you are talking to on the phone, okay they what to order some items, you create an invoice (no changing from customers to invoices module) when saving this invoice your are taken to the document overview page (fine) but now the customer mentions that they wish to know there total balance owed = that's here where I'm missing a link to the customer that we are handling (a direct link to the customer - so I don't have to: click on customers, search my customer again - wait on that - click on the customer wait on the load.

2) when searching items, customers and all other searched clicking on one going back, to look on another of the results the search is forgotten and not saved / embedded in the url for browser history. Again lets take and example, you need to update prices/rates for all hourly services in category On-site, then you go to your items and make your search - select category - select the = - select your "On-site" - get your 3 rates (the result) - start by clicking on the first to update the rate for it, and clicks save but instead of getting what I fill is standard today in platforms witch is back to the results list is loads all items and the search is need to be created again, instead of just loading the query again... and this is need to be done once more for the last of the 3 rates needed to be updated... now imagine that you have 100 rates need to be updated every year...
And it is not just in items, but in the hole application that search is note saving the query into url/cache of session/browser.

3) Navigational breadcrumb is really missing as the application is broken up into so many modules to change for every thing (witch is fine - not the issue) but this results in to mush jumping module and thereby all to many mouse clicks to get back to where your task starts if your are making repetitive tasks.

4) Needs to have more control over what is on the invoice of data, not just forced main-data... ex. maybe a webshop don't what to have the legal corporated address but there warehouse instead, also corporations as DBA (doing business as) names that in the name on the front-end but the legal name is still the bookkeeping/accounting name on internal back-end.

5) Logo on documents/reports are wacked without the option to change the settings-database value along with the upload of a logo on the settings-page (height and width)

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