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Check Printing

Joe Schmoe   ( User )

Commented 6 years ago

Check Printing would be a nice addition.

Mike Biolsi   ( User )

Commented 6 years ago

+1 for this idea! please

MAD 4D WEB Corp   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

Please Check Printing would be great!!

Arthur Knight Hammer   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

Akaunting is very interesting software, but at this stage of the finance game many of us still must have check printing capabilities.  So, for me, a lack of checking printing is, unfortunately, a show-stopper.

Gnucash allowed me to make a custom check template and I've used it for years, but that application doesn't accommodate a server based installation which to me is the big feature of Akaunting.

Felix Bachofner   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

I also want to support this request.

a great many of my clients would like to get off QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, but stay on it for the check printing features alone.

The general method: (for a web-app) . . . QBO (which is similar to Akaunting) generates a PDF with the portions of the check which must be user-printed.  [ i.e. date, payee, amount (numeric), amount (text), memo and, possibly, payee addresss ]

QBO also has a fairly robust "alignment" feature to accomplish check printing accurately -- so everything lines up.  This has to be done once for each check type and posibly needs to be repeated for different printers (although not in my experience -- PDF and printer registration is pretty good nowadays!)

Between Laravel/Blade and various PDF generators for PHP, this should be quite a do-able proposition for the devs.

One challenge is that there are fairly many check types, but starting off wit the three common ones would make sense.

Additional good places to look for inspiration would be GNUCash (already mentioned by another poster), MoneyDance and Quicken.  I think some other open source projects do it in addition to GNUCash -- perhaps KMyMoney.

Troy Schultz   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

I also wanted to add my vote for this whether in a plugin or in the main code base.

I currently use xero and they handle the check printing, pretty much the same as Felix mentioned for QBO, via pdf you download and then print.


Denis Dulici   ( Admin )

Commented 3 years ago

Hello guys,

The check printing app is now available:


Keith Halter   ( User )

Commented 3 years ago

Is there a way to print a check the full width of the paper? I have blank check print stock that I would like to print on (3 tab, with the check being on top, and 2 'memo' tabs), but from the looks of the pictures in the description, it prints a smaller check on normal white paper that you would cut to size ??

Sevan Nerse   ( User )

Commented 3 years ago

Hello Keith,

Excuse me, I forgot to update pictures on the app page. The app generates a document as the standard in the US that is 8.5" x 11".


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