DILEVERY NOTE / DELIERY MEMO as regular system inventory

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  • Tertib Pranoto    ( User ) 5 days ago
    Hi, Akaunting team,

    We need a module to convert the Invoice to be a Delivery Note/Memo, as a document for the courier to deliver our goods.
    The process schema below:
    Advance payment: Sales Order → Invoice → Payment → Delivery Note
    Cash on Delivered: Sales Order → Invoice → Delivery Note → Acceptance → Payment.

    The Delivery Note/Memo is just a standard document like an Invoice, without any amount of price. It has item and quantity only. It used for the courier to deliver the goods to the customer, in purpose to make sure that all goods are correct according to the order.

    Can we afford to realize this module in the next update? I really hope.

    I think many akaunting users missed this tiny module, isn't it?
  • Leonardo Gomes    ( User ) 4 days ago
    Hello Tertib.

    Will you be ready to pay for such app?

    I may develop it and publish it on the app store in case you are open for that.


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