Export Multiple invoices

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  • Sebastian Predesel    ( User ) 2 years ago



    it would be nice to have option to select all invoice, or select by data, then click to export :

    and here to have few options :

    1. export all as pdf

    2. export as summary excel


    Also we can have this option at customers too. It is nice to can export a raport with all customers.


    About to invoice templates. Here in Romania, where i intend to use this software, at the invoice we need to have a field where to write who is person that completed invoice. you can put a field to automatic return data from user who create invoice.

    that for the moment. Hope in next update we can export group of invoices :)


    nice day, and you do great job for now.


    Sebastian Predesel,

    [email protected]

  • Sebastian Di Luise    ( User ) 2 years ago


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