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Filter by Order Number from Expenses, Bills

Sebastian Di Luise   ( User )

Commented 6 years ago

There is a hidden feature I did not found in docs, that is wonderful and could be better.

If you add a Bill, you there can set the Order Number of it.  But then in the View page (akaunting/expenses/bills) you can only visibly search fields shown:

Number  Vendor  Amount  Bill Date  Due Date Status 

  • Would be great to be able to filter also this Order Number Field here.

OK... but if you type part of the "Order Number" in the search box here (or the main left search box  in menu bar), there appears a small layer box, that brings all the fields from all the tables containing that text (Bills, Incomes, Vendors, Customers, etc)

This also works for fields like Notes, and kind of it searches other tables that has nothing to do with the actual view here, but is fine!

  • Would be great to doc the feature and add Order Number as a search and list item in Biils.

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