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G-Account (Dutch Market)

Tosko A   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

Hi There,

In order to use this wonderful piece of software in the Netherlands, a Company owner must have the option to Enable payments to a G-Account on the invoice.

Here in the Netherlands, when you as a company hire personell from a third company, and that company does not have their personell's tax payments correct, you as company could be held responsible for the costs.

So that's why we have a so called G-Account (G-Rekening a.k.a. Geblokkeerde Rekening). This is a special bank account where a company A (who's hiring people), require company B (who's deliverying personell to company A) to transfer a sum (%) of the invoice to the G-Account. This ensures Company A that Company B puts enough money aside to pay their Personells Taxes. Without this, Company A runs a risk of the government going after them because Company B did not pay the personells taxes.


This G-account is a blocked account which the owner cannot take money out of, but only pay the taxes from to the government.


So example:


Invoice from Company B to Company A is €10.000,- without tax/VAT.
Company A could require Company B to put 30% of the cash (Subtotal, so not including tax rate) in the G-Account, then the invoice should show:

Cost: €10.000,-
Tax/VAT (21%): €2.100,-

Payment to regular account: €9.100,-
Payment to G-Account: €3.000,-

Guest   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago

Hi Tosko,

Thanks for information and feedback, we will think about that but please do not wait immediately.

Have a nice day!

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