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Martin Mrt   ( User )

Commented 5 years ago



I'm using the tool since few days and I migrated my little accounting on it. 

I'd like to share my small experience, difficulties and provide some ideas to improve the tools. 


1. The tax and treasury report should be able to provide the cumulative figures. This is good to have the monthly treasury but the previous situation should be reported to the next month and so on.

2. Exportation is a must have in all the listing. 

3. Adaptable report is a must have in all the listing. (being able to select and modify the columns) 

4. Having a incremental number for the Bills as well as the Invoices. Purchase invoice must be numbered as the user wants. Exactly like the Bills but available for invoices. 

5. When creating an invoice/bill it should be possible to modify the tax value, subtotal and total. Sometime the system doesn't calculate the correct tax amount (decimal) and it should match to the purchase bill. 

6. When creating a payment if we click twice on 'submit' it is currently possible to book the same payment twice. System should enable to book the payment twice. I believe this is the time for the code to be executed. 

7. When you create a bill or invoice and you forget for example to fill in the customer/vendor field, it resets the items value when you submit it. It is not user-friendly to re-fill in the data. 

8. The decimal should stop a 2 digits after the ','. It is happening quiet often that the system calculates decimal like this : 12,954, but round it at 12,95. The actual payment on with you bank will be 12,95.Wwhen you submit the payment into you system, it doesn't clear the invoice as "paid" but partially, because 12,95 is less than 12,954

9. Importation is good but doesn’t work well. The template imports the header of the Bill and populate only the Bill table in the database. It doesn’t allow to import the items, totals,… So importation is actually not possible.

10. Graph on dashboard and some report doesn't work all the time. If you run on Safari, Firefow,Chrome or using Http / https sometime the graphs are not populated. 

11. Some improvement needs to be done over the PDF. The layout is not correct and some section overlaps others. 

12. Mobile layout is good but could be improved as well. 

I wish i was a developper in order to provide some codes but I have limited knowledge into coding. 

Anyway, it is so far the easied opensource accounting software. 

Congrat ! 



Otherwise this is 

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