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  • fred
    Fred Neau   ( User ) 5 months ago

    I could'nt find how to import my customers (and vendors/providers), nor my previous invoices. Import Would be a major breaktrought to use this very promising projet.

  • Denis
    Denis Duliçi   ( Admin ) 5 months ago

    Hello Fred. I agree with you, import feature is important but unfortunately, it's not possible at the moment.

  • Denis
    Denis Duliçi   ( Admin ) 4 months ago

    This feature has been added to Akaunting 1.1 version.

  • Mavic
    Mavic Chow   ( User ) 4 weeks ago

    Hi Denis, i've try import vendors... but once the uploading part complete, the website show me message "Vendor Imported" , but still empty records in my vendor list

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