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  • Karol
    Karol Kovalik   ( User ) 11 months ago

    I would really appreciate a feature of importing bank statements and auto-creating expenses or paying invoices.

  • Denis
    Denis Duliçi   ( Admin ) 11 months ago

    That's a great idea Karol. What do you generally use, CSV or XLS?

  • Karol
    Karol Kovalik   ( User ) 11 months ago

    Banks typically provide CSV or XML. Even XLS are often CSV.

    Guess to expand on the idea, it would be great to have an import configuration where each of the fields in CSV could be mapped/ignored/transformed into the final Bank statement table structure.

    Possibly a feature of auto-clearing of invoices using the Reference field would be great too.

  • Joe
    Joe Schmoe   ( User ) 11 months ago

    I vote for this as well

  • Denis
    Denis Duliçi   ( Admin ) 9 months ago

    This feature has been added to Akaunting 1.1 version.

  • Jim
    Jim Fisk   ( User ) 2 months ago

    Revenue and expense importing has been added, it appears we're targeting version 1.3 (Oct 2018) for bank importing:

  • Boyd
    Boyd McConnell   ( User ) 1 day ago

    This is essential

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