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  • fred
    Fred Neau   ( User ) 11 months ago

    Invoices are great. However :

    - should propose a "quotation" state for the invoice (instead of - or in addition to... - draft), with a change of the title in the generated doc (pdf)


  • Denis
    Denis Duliçi   ( Admin ) 11 months ago

    Thanks Fred, will definitely consider it for the next versions.

  • Ali
    Ali Alboori   ( User ) 10 months ago

    Hello Denis,


    Any ETA for the quotations feature?


    Best regards

  • Jonath
    Jonath Lee   ( User ) 10 months ago

    Support this idea. I would love to have this as well. 


    Quotation could add item from your own packages.

    • Add Quotation

    • Create Item preset
      e.g. [Name : Monthly Audit]   [Info : Monthly accounting audit service]   [Price: USD 90] 

    • Create New Quotation : Add Item from your "Package"

    • Unit and Quantity would be important for Invoice and Quotation.


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