Weblate for Crowd Translations

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  • Syed Shah    ( User ) 7 months ago
    Hey! I was just wondering since you're keen on FOSS, are you familiar with Weblate?

    Weblate is a completely free and open-source alternative to Crowdin, it works just as well from my experience and can be used as a cloud service, or self-hosted.

    It has a beautiful UI, grammar/spell checking features, machine translations, translation memory features etc, like you'd expect from any other Crowd Translation platform, plus it fits in with a CI/CD pipeline as it can pull from your repo automatically to add strings, and push back automatically as translations are saved and approved.

    You can also see more features and comparisons with similar software on Slant:

    License: GNU GPLv3+
    Cloud Hosting: Free for Open-Source, else starts at €19 p/month
    On-Premise Hosting: Free

    Some projects using Weblate (Cloud Hosted):
    Godot Engine:
  • Denis Duliçi    ( Admin ) 7 months ago
    Hello Syed,

    The reason is time as it requires a server to maintain etc. The same is with GitHub vs GitLab. But will definitely consider it in the future.


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